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Sound should be more than just heard. It should be felt, pulsing through your body like a grenade exploding behind you, the rumble of heavy turbulence, or footsteps around the corner. Our superior audio products combined with real tactile feedback provide a complete sensory experience and increased situational awareness.

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Lanthrax - April 2009 (AudioFX2)
"This headset is the best one I've ever used."


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Extreme Computing - April 2009 (AudioFX2)
If you have never experienced Bass boosting vibrations while gaming you really are missing out on a new level of, not only experience and fun but also improved game play and situational awareness. The AudioFX2 headset gives you all this and much more as they are so comfortable to wear while your intensely gaming or just sitting back enjoying music or movies. The rumbling didn’t hinder or become uncomfortable even at high levels against my head at all.  The rumble vibrations bring a different dimension to the sensations that you feel through your game playing, being that a first person shooter or a point and click game, the headset brings back your enjoyment for your old favorites because you can feel what’s going on around you.  And what’s best of all about this headset is that you get a great sounding, bass boosting headset for a reasonable price, what more could you ask for.
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ITReviewed - February 2009 (AudioFX2)
The AudioFX2 represents incredible value, that’s for sure. [It] is definitely an energetic sounding headset and good enough to satisfy hardcore gamers and casual music playback. The AudioFX2 gives fantastic depth and warmth to bass notes, without being overpowering, and is particularly detailed in the upper midrange. Furthermore, it offers extensive versatility to support a wide variety of audio and gaming devices in a single package. It has also been a long time since we have used a more comfortable gaming headset. Hard to beat for the price.
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MicroMart - March 2009 (AudioFX2)
It's been so refreshing to have been able to test the AudioFX2, a headset that appears to simply concern itself with working well...It's no surprise either; eDimensional is making a name for itself by producing  good gaming products at decent prices and this headset is no departure.

Good clarity comes from these oval ear-cups. Both ear-muffs and adjustable headband are cushioned for hours of gameplay without the threat of discomfort, chafing or slippage and the build quality is to be commended...This set is one both gamers and audiophiles can be fans of.

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Tom's Games - December 2008
Driver setup was a breeze, and everything worked as it should even without the recommended reboot. The AudioFX uses oval earcups, so while the headset is indeed snug, there was nary a sore ear during gameplay.

The aesthetics were another big standout. eDimensional teamed up with renowned modder Ben Heckendorn...making the headset stand out without sacrificing overall quality.

The AudioFX Pro also offers exceptional force feedback. When activated, the AudioFX Pros feedback keeps the bass at its previous level, and offers the kind of rumble we would expect from a console controller, which leads to some great feedback without sound distortion. When it came to the audio quality test, the AudioFX Pro was the first headset that made the small differences between FLAC and MP3 formats noticeable, even if only slightly.

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GamePro Magazine - July 2007

"Console modder extraordinaire Ben Heckendorn put on his extra large thinking cap when he designed the Audio FX Pro 5+1 headset, a product that is as comfortable as it is functional. The headset has everything you could possibly want, including a noise canceling microphone which is perfect for communicating with your WoW clan mates or for calling your mother via Skype to ask for an advance on your allowance."

Tom's Hardware on AudioFX Pro 5+1

"Ben Heck, the nomme de jeux of respected modder Benjamin J. Heckendorn, is the designer and driving force behind this attractive and capable USB-attached gaming headset from eDimensional. Though most headphones and headsets tend to be pretty dull and boring in appearance, this "Benheck" branded product is anything but. The design includes full-sized earcups that fit completely over the ears, designed for comfort and cushioning, and to block out ambient noise in your environment."

"For $80 you get good looks, great audio handling characteristics, a good, noise-canceling microphone, and a mechanical rumble effect to really boost low frequency sounds. What self-respecting gamer or audiophile could ask for more?"
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TASCOR Winner David Topie on Racing with the AudioFX
The AudioFX Force Feedback Gaming Headset has to be one of the greatest devices that I own. The sound quality that is delivered is simply amazing. It has a very nice fit which allows for hours of gaming without any sort of discomfort.

Racing in the eDimensional Cup Series demands a lot of you and your hardware. We do have some of the longest races that you'll find in any league out there. But the AudioFX headset, which I use for all my races now is up for the challenge - easily!

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Overclockers Online on AudioFX Pro 5+1
For hardcore gamers, eDimensional's AudioFX Pro 5+1 is a must have. It combines the positional sound capabilities of a surround sound system with the precision and noise-isolating power of a headset; the microphone is just an added bonus.

Comfort is also an advantage for this headset thanks to its soft leather-like ear cups. All in all, the headset's build seems sturdy.
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GhostRecon.net on AudioFX Pro 5+1 (November 2007)

"It is so much easier to tell what direction a sound is coming from.

The design is extremely slick, functional, and robust...they look extremely professional.

The sound quality is excellent all round.

I've given the Audio FX 5.1 Ben Heck headphones well over 8 weeks of testing before writing this review. I wanted to make sure I'd tried them out in all sorts of games, movies, sound levels etc. I've never felt anything other than extremely satisfied with them."

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3DGameMan.com Video Review


AutosimSport Magazine - 9.5/10

"The AudioFX Pro 5+1, designed by console modder extraordinaire Ben Heckendorn, packs about as much as one would imagine to be possible into such a small package. This set is by far the best I have ever wrok for gaming or my favorite MP3 tracks. This AudioFX headset delivers quality at a fraction of the cost of more expensive headsets - and leaves them wanting in the process.
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Avsim.com on AudioFX Pro 5+1 - Gold Star Award!

"If you are in the market for a replacement headset or are trying to decide on a gaming headset as a new purchase, I highly recommend this one. All of the features can be used outside of the gaming genre making this a perfect all-around headset at $79.95."
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eDimensional's Sponsored Team eSourceUK on the official team headset, the AudioFX Pro 5+1

As we were involved in the design process and tested the prototype we potentially knew what to expect and prior to this held high expectations.  As some might be aware our organization heavily (not solely) focuses on first person shooting games, known as FPS. As an example Call of Duty 2 and Counter-Strike:Source are our "flagship games."  These are very action oriented and contain a huge amount of different sounds in game at all times. In either of these environments, the AudioFX assists our players hugely. Whilst moving around in Call of Duty 2 it enables you to hear distant sounds, pin point gun fire and your opponent. Where it's really noticeable is upon entering a quiet area in key situations. There's no activity, then you are able to hear movement on the floorboard above you, or the rustle of the bushes opposite -thus causing the headset to vibrate and utilize the 5.1 speakers. It's a definite added advantage on your opponent and in addition also greatly adds to the overall experience a player gets from the game and environment. The sound quality in the AudioFX far exceeded those headsets we have tried of used in the past and is certainly on par with the best headsets on the market today. The sound effects were very vivid and voice chat through Ventrillo was clear and precise. The mic had an impressive gain and speech was clearly received by others. The initial set-up of the headsets was simple and instructions well printed and easy to follow.  We would highly recommend the AudioFX to those looking for a high standard of gaming headset with a reasonable price tag to enhance their gaming experience, eDimensional's AudioFX headset were used by all of our players at the LAN event we recently attended and proved its durability, quality and overall experience was exceptional.


GameInformer Magazine August 2007 on AudioFX Pro 5+1

The speakers and the mic performed admirably. The rumble effect adds a nice immersive element to the sound.

8/10 - Top rated surround sound headset!


Flightsim.com on AudioFX

"The Audio FX allows you to turn on an amazing force feedback system that synchronizes the vibration effects with the sound. It's awesome when you crank up the rock-and-roll. OK, I'll admit to being a Baby Boomer rocker. When I cranked up George Thoroughgood's "Bad To The Bone" with this headset it gave a whole new meaning to the term "head rush." According to Our Man in Blackpool, it also thrilled International Flight Conventioneers when they cranked up the sounds for their favorite aircraft. Mike said, "I could tell by the beatific and wide-eyed looks on their faces that the headbanger effect was a big hit."
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PC Upgrade Magazine/Techworthy.com

You take the good, you take bad, you take them both, and there you have subpar gaming audio. We’re tired of making countless concessions with the family or roommates when we’re optimizing our gaming audio. We love turning everything up to 11, practically dropping us smack dab in Soldier Field or Super Mario Land. But naturally that upsets everyone, because who wants to listen to the Super Mario theme song at 200db? eDimensional, one of the top worldwide distributors of cutting edge gaming and virtual reality accessories, appears to have our back with their latest AudioFX Force Feedback Gaming Headset. Now everyone’s happy, with the possibly exception of anyone we’re playing against online.

For less than $50, the AudioFX Force Feedback offers an innate ability to generate a full environment of peripheral sounds, generating situational awareness as well as crisp, direct sound. That can be an invaluable tool in any game, particularly if some flunkie/zombie/unicorn/linebacker is ready to jump you from behind; you’ll hear him coming thanks to the AudioFX. The headset also features a bass amplifier that will take any inaudible noises in the 20-25hz range and convert them into vibrations, ensuring that no gamer misses a single audio clue. An on-wire controller allows you to adjust your headset settings on the fly, potentially giving your ears some sort of audio equivalent of carpal tunnel. If that is the case, just adjust, or turn off entirely, the vibration function on the on-wire controller. The volume switch is there, too.

If you’re taking your gaming experience online, eDimensional’s headset features a noise-canceling microphone, allowing you to talk some serious trash online. For those few moments when you’re not gaming, you can use it with voice recognition or chat software. Even if you’re just watching DVDs or listening to music on your PC, the AudioFX Force Feedback is a solid basic audio headset that will bring Tony Soprano or Axl Rose right into your room, both of which actually sound absolutely terrifying.

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Playing in cs_office was an entirely new experience for me with this headset. As a terrorist sitting at the end of the long hall, you can actually hear when a CT breaks through a pane of already cracked glass in the office area. It still sounds faint thanks to a good use of directional sound, but it is still very clear to detect on this headset. In contrast, I don't believe I ever heard the glass pieces falling when using my 5.1 surround sound system when in the same position on the map.

Priced at a mere $50, there really isn't another headset that I would rather use. The AudioFX is a breeze to setup, features audio quality that is comperable to extremely expensive alternatives, a mic that is nearly as clear as a USB mic, and vibration that provides your ears with their own subwoofer effects. 9/10!

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9/10 Editors Choice Award.

"Everything about this headset is great. The microphone works and is very clear. While wearing these headphones you get a similar experience of playing a game or movie without the hassle of waking up your neighbors. So it is a win-win situation for you! Even the price is highly agreeable to everyone’s wallet!"

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"First person shooters are mostly action oriented and contain a good number of gunshots, laser blasts, etc. In this environment, the AudioFX is great. While driving the car in Half Life 2, the engine noise created a great force feedback experience. Where it's really noticeable is upon entering a quiet area. There's no activity, then a gunman suddenly jumps out and fires, causing the headset to vibrate. It's a definite attention-getter and adds to the experience tremendously. The sound quality in the AudioFX is on par with the best headsets out there. The sound effects were vivid and voice was clear when chatting on Teamspeak. The mic had an impressive gain and speech was clearly received by others through TS. For those looking for a reasonably priced headset to enhance their gaming experience, eDimensional's gaming headset is a winner."

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"eDimensional did a great job in the structural design of these headphones. They are rugged so they can take a beating, and they offer a lot to gamers and music lovers alike."

"These are the best gaming headphones you can get, hands down. Even expensive Bose or Sennheiser headphones can’t compare to the good vibrations these headphones put out.

9.5/10 Gold Award!

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"Never have I been so impressed with the sound quality of a headset in its price range. Nor have I often worn headphones of its style that were as comfortable or immobile, an almost mutually exclusive pair of words in the world of headphones. The microphone is also top-notch. Add your basic functionality to the inherent cool factor of anything that moves your body while something on your screen is exploding, and a good looking and comfortable shell (we were always partial to black and silver in these parts), and you get a great piece of gear like the AudioFX headset."


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"A must buy for gamers...I have yet to see a headset that can top this."



"What more can I say than this has to be the best all-round headset that’s available to the PC gamer and a VERY reasonable price."

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Simply amazing! It really creates the sensation of being in the game with a 5.1 sound system.

The directional sound makes you totally aware of your game environment and conditionsespecially being blown up with Flak cannon in UT 2004! In case you haven’t figured this out yetthe Audio FX Headset represents an absolutely amazing value at $49.99!

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The AudioFX is an incredible headset to say the least. But this isn’t your grandpa’s headset. The AudioFX is also a force feedback system. Low frequency sounds in FS are translated into a tactile feeling through the headset. Don’t believe me? Get out that old radial powered fighter, the Corsair would be a great choice, and fire up that engine. You will be able to feel and hear the rumble at the same time.

This headset is also incredibly well suited for online voice communications. Got an ATC event to go to? This is the headset you want to be wearing. It is very comfortable and the high quality microphone and speakers make this the clearest headset I have ever used.

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5/5 Stars! Top Product Award!

"I do enjoy the Audio FX headset very much they have become my primary set for all my audio needs."

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Flight Journal Magazine

"I've owned many headphones, microphones and headsets during the years I've wasted playing silly computer games, but this headset really impressed me. With the clear audio, thundering bass response, excellent transmission quality and comfort, the $50 asking price struck me as an excellent value. I have found headphones that cost nearly twice as much lacking in one or more of the above categories."

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Rojackpot - Review's Choice Award!

"They do actually improve the gaming experience by letting you actually "feel" the sound. In addition, the intensity of the vibrations also vary according to the sound. This actually improves audio localization by strengthening the audio cues with vibratory cues. This feature also works great in movies."

"If you are looking for a gaming headset, you should definitely consider the eDimensional AudioFX Force Feedback Gaming Headset. It will not only deliver crisp audio reproduction and recording, it will also boost the degree of realism in your games and movies. All in a light, comfortable headset that's easy to install and use."

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"The Force Feedback headset is like having a full 5.1 surround system in a pair of headphones. This headset features something no other headset has ever featured - built in sub woofer on your head. Now you can enjoy cinematic sound without annoying everyone else in your household. It’s also great for late night gaming when everyone else is trying to sleep but you’ve got a Doom 3 craving. The headset has padded earphones that are very comfortable to wear and a nice head support that is also padded. It looks very professional and has a high build quality. The earpiece can move from side to side and up and down so you are able to get the perfect fit. On the side are 3 lights. Green, Amber, and Red. This is a helpful gauge to monitor the loudness and it also adds a cool effect at nighttime.

Even if you already have a headset you should consider upgrading to this one."

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San Jose Mercury News April 16, 2005

"I used a variety of sci-fi and military games for testing the headphones and found that I was far more absorbed in the action because of the audio."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette April 3, 2005

"These headphones get great sound. Yes, now you can enjoy Force Feedback, the shaking that occurs during intense moments of the game, with eDimensional’s new headphones. A controller attached to these large, padded headphones allows you to adjust the volume and amount of shaking, or even turn the vibrations off. Lights on the side of the headphones show off how intense the quaking is, in case you want to make others in the room jealous." A+