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E-D Wired 3D Glasses for the PC
E-D Wired 3D Glasses for the PC

New Ultimate 3D Bundle

The E-D wired 3D glasses include our new & improved software that offers support for virtually and PC game, plus DVD movies, photos and even Google Earth for a stunning 3D experience right on your PC!

The most realistic gaming graphics ever!
Experience the latest in virtual reality technology with 3D images that float inside and outside of your monitor! Become immersed in unbelievably real 3D environments as our patented stereoscopic 3D glasses instantly create a truly 3-dimensional viewing experience with all of your favorite gaming titles. You have to see to believe--thrills guaranteed!

"The feeling of depth enhanced the visuals by a factor of ten. When I rolled in on my ground targets, I found that my aiming of rockets and bombs was actually a lot better in 3D than in 2D." - Flightsim.com

Intuitive depth perception for more accurate height and distance calculation, plus amazing visuals!
The E-D 3-D glasses instantly convert virtually all of your existing PC video game titles into true 3D. That means a real sense of depth and distance as you're taking aim at the enemy battalion approaching, trying to find the apex of the next turn, or coming in for a carrier landing in your F-14. It's why so many customers report improved game play performance when using our glasses in addition to stunning scenery and visuals.

"It's hard to describe in words how a 3D effect is so much better than the 2D version...From the remarkable depth of view that puts the hills away in the distance, the close up action that sticks an M4 right up your nose, to the 3D features on the characters faces - it's nothing short of remarkable. These glasses are now the best gadget in my house, no doubt about it."          - Ghostrecon.net

It's easy to be experiencing real 3D.
Installation is a snap with no USB or serial ports required and nothing internal. Just install the patented software one time, plug in our adapter to any standard PC, and we guarantee you'll experience the best gaming and graphics EVER.

"The first 3-D glasses we've genuinely been impressed with... The result is a truly immersive 3-D experience that brings the environment right out in front of you and increases game-play intensity." - PC Magazine


  • Adjust size easily for superior comfort

  • 6' (2.4m) long cord

  • Toggle 3D gaming mode on and off with the touch of a button

  • Exclusive support for all video cards and both CRT and LCD monitors.

System Requirements for Gaming:
Windows PC XP/Vista/7
CRT or LCD external monitor (no laptop screens)

Minimum 60Hz refresh rate suggested



1 pair wired 3D Glasses

1 Video Synchronization Module

DVI to VGA adapter (to ensure support for any monitor)

eDimensional Ultimate Software Bundle

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